01About us


Who are we?

WAZO Is a digital strategy and production agency. Our mission is to support our clients in the reflection and implementation of their project.

Our vision

Uncompromising business relations, justified budgets, support and uncompromising availability are the strengths of our team.

Our ethics is therefore to accompany our clients (adviser, guide, realize) in a relationship of proximity and trust )



Definition of needs

The success of a project comes from the design of the functional specifications that correspond to your expectations.


Project management

We develop the best strategy based on budgets and deadlines and ensure that objectives are maintained throughout the life of the project.


Design and development

We can offer you in some cases, our teams of designer and expert developers in their fields.

03Expertise & Accompaniment

The digital domain is probably not your job. Whether your project is produced by wazo or not, we can accompany you in the study of this one but also throughout the production phase and even beyond..

Translate the client's needs into computer language.

Translate the client's needs into computer language.

Our experts are in charge of organizing and monitoring the progress of the project until the delivery of the project.

Our experts are in charge of organizing and monitoring the progress of the project until the delivery of the project.

For a good implementation of your project, we combine different methodologies to respect the schedule validated upstream

For a good implementation of your project, we combine different methodologies to respect the schedule validated upstream

04For whom do we work?


Communication agencies


COMPANIES in development
And video games


Businesses online et e-business


05Production steps at wazo

dEfinition & rEalisation

Definition & implementation of specifications

réalisation des wireframes

Realization of wireframesen ncluding the user experience that is vital to
The success of a project

choix technologique

Technological choice to achieve targets

une expertise graphique

A graphical expertise to optimize the interface (UX / UI)

la production et son suivi

Production and its meticulously organized

les sessions de tests

The test sessions in accordance with the specifications

les sessions de tests

Project Delivery

les sessions de tests

Maintenance and support of your project




<b> Other </b> skills

Other skills In close collaboration

In addition to our various teams with whom we are used to working, our many years of experience have allowed us to expand our network.
Whether the need is technical coding, graphic technique, order of the council, security, … we know who to contact or which team to solicit to carry out the project.
It is really as a conductor that we operate while taking care to select the profiles adapted to the client’s needs.

One of our added value is to understand the need of the customer, to have the knowledge of the job and to be able to activate the right people in due time.

<b>Dario</b> Neri

Dario Neri Project Manager

Lovers of the image since his childhood, this passionate Charlie Chaplin finished his
graduated in animation cinema where he made a short film in computer graphics and modeling clay.
He naturally turned to the web by working in several recognized companies in the field.
In 2003, he started his company which gives him the opportunity to participate in the process of application development and to see their evolution.
Dario has set up several interactive Elearning platforms for Nestlé, MSD, MERCK, …
Thanks to his career, his sense of detail and his human approach he joined the team in 2017 as a project manager.

<b>fabrice</b> carapezza

fabrice carapezza Quality Control

Attracted by computers from an early age, it is quite natural that Fabrice, diploma in hand, becomes a developer. Ambitious and always thirsty for knowledge, he develops many skills that will quickly enable him to manage the most varied projects.
Feeling the need to discover new horizons, his path crosses that of Bertrand and Jean who sees in him a great potential, opens the doors of WAZO.

Since then, Fabrice brings you:

– An attentive ear to understand all your requests;

– A sharp analysis for your ideas to take form, as you wish;

– ++ rigor for the success of all your projects.

In 2017, he becomes officially associated.
The lively and analytical eye, Fabrice sees what you do not see.
He supervises the quality controls for each project delivered to the client.

<b>Bertrand</b> Dessaintes

Bertrand Dessaintes Technical Director

Bertrand started his Webmaster career in 2000.
At 22 he was already a web genius on Flash technologies, html, css, Microsoft Asp but also SEO websites and imaging.
The years go by and he is perfecting himself in web application development and technical team management.
Since the creation of Wazo in 2011 , Bertrand has naturally taken the role of CTO.

Responsible for the realization of projects in various technologies for more than 10 years, he advises you and guides the production teams.

It is important to understand that Bertrand is a technical Mac Gyver!
He will find the solution to solve what you call “problem” served on a modesty platter.

Co-founder also, it is important to him that all technical considerations are relevant for the end user & the customer!


Jeand’ydewalle Creative Director

Creative and visual at heart, Jean made his debut as a graphic designer in a big Belgian recording studio.
Life will lead him to quickly become independent and gives him the opportunity to manage various projects and mainly visual related (Print / Web / Video / Animation). He transforms the needs in ergonomic visual.

“Chance” will make him meet Bertrand 5 years later and give birth to Wazo fusing sharp technical skills and visual creativity.

As a co-founder, he makes every effort to find solutions to the various problems encountered when setting up a digital project.
In addition to being trilingual, he is fluent in:
> the client language, necessary to assimilate your project and extract the meaning
> the geek language, necessary for the realization of your project
> the visual language, to turn ideas into images